Creating Orders - Now with Compass CRM!

For a long time EOS was the end all and be all of how we managed our business from beginning to end. As we unify with PSAV we are able to gain access to their suite of tools -- including their robust CRM (customer relationship manager).

This means there will be a number of process changes for you, our EOS users, as a part of this new integration. 

Here are the topics in this article:

  • What Work Is Done in Compass?
  • So What am I doing in EOS?
  • How to Create an Order with an Opportunity in Compass
  • Navigating to Add Order
  • New Select Opportunity Page:
  • How to Select an Opportunity
  • What is Set For You on the Order

What Work Is Done in Compass?

Compass is now the source of truth for all Accounts (Locations), Contacts, and Opportunities.   You will now notice that this means there are a number of sections or modules of EOS that you no longer have access to, namely:

  • Customers
  • Locations
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities

Any work you need to do for managing your sales pipeline and relationship with your customer will be managed in Compass.

So What am I doing in EOS?

EOS is where you do your Quote, Logistics, and Billing for your Orders. These two systems are able to talk to each other so your opportunities will feed EOS for you to create your orders.

How to Create an Order with an Opportunity in Compass

Since EOS is talking to Compass it's really easy to build an Order in EOS. 

Navigating to Add Order

  1. Navigate to EOS 
  2. Click on "Orders"
  3. Click "Add Order Button"

New Select Opportunity Page:

You are now taken to a NEW page -- this is where you will search for your Opportunity. 

When you land on the page it will load all Open or Won Opportunities for your default GL Center (What we call your venue. This is where the revenue will be accounted for). 

If you know your Opportunity Number you can search for it directly and click search. 

How to Select an Opportunity

  1. Search for the Opportunity (Either by Opportunity ID or by GL Center)
  2. Click Select
  3. You are now taken to the "Create Order" Screen

What is Set For You on the Order

When you create an Order from the Opportunity EOS is pulling in quite a large number of data points from Compass. Some of these items are going to be defaults and others are going to be not editable -- but will be kept up to date with Compass.

You may notice that the Order header looks a little bit different! We wanted to take all the information you need and make it so you can see it all without needing to click "Show More" or Scroll. 

What You Can NOT Edit

The below fields are being pulled in from the Compass Opportunities. They can not be edited in EOS but can be updated in Compass should you need to make changes. 

  • End-User Account (Customer)
  • GL Center (Hotel Venue)
  • Venue (Event Location)
  • Tax-Exempt Status

What is Set as Defaults

The Opportunity contains TONS of information that relates to your order but may differ between the Order and Opportunity. Since Compass has the information we pass it along to the order, but you can change it as you need.

  • Order Name (Default to Opportunity Name)
  • Event Name
  • Order Start Date
  • Order End Date
  • Account Executive
  • Order Contact
  • Bill to Contact 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I update my Customer or Account in EOS?
A: You don't. As stated in What Work Is Done in Compass? you will want to do that work directly in Compass.

Q: I have a REALLY quick quote I need to get out, do I really need to get it all in through Compass?
A: Yes. These are all still sales activities and should be tracked through Compass.


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