Updated Price List Experience

As we updated our Labor Experience to ensure that all of our labor entries are based on shifts, it means that we have to update our Price List to allow as many labor rates as you need in order to have 1 SKU = 1 Shift = 1 Person that will show up on the property. While that was the spark for this change, few other updates were made, and we want to ensure that you are aware of all of them. 

Navigating to the New Price List
To get to the new price list, you will want to click on Equipment > Price List. 

How to Find or Add a SKU
We updated the Price List table to be more like an excel worksheet. This includes the ability to filter at almost any level of the price list.  This means that if you want to search within an item name for "Microphone," you can do that. 

Also, we are no longer displaying SKU's in your price list if you do not have it in your price list. To add a SKU to your version of your price list, you can click the "Add" button to add it.

Editing a SKU
Editing a SKU has become really simple. You no longer have to click "Edit" and then "Save" at each line but instead, you click on the Line on the table and the below Pop-Up will appear for you to make your edits.

For most SKUs what you will be editing are the same items you were changing in the old version:
  • Description
  • Default Service Type
  • Unit Price
  • Default Customer Comment
  • Cost (as needed)
However, there have been substantial changes to how we manage rates and costs so we will be detailing those below. 

Adding Labor Rates
As we mentioned earlier, we made an upgrade to EOS to make the system flexible enough to  TRULY allow for 1 shift = 1 person -- as indicated in Labor Entry knowledge base article.  There are markets where we might have triple time, or premium time, or for in-house events we charge at cost and there was no easy way to manage that without having multiple SKU's or a print-out for all of your specialized pricing.

So here's what we did -- you can now add as many rates as you need. Maybe it's a Sunday call at The Venetian and you need a "Bucket Rigger." You can add rates for Premium Time, Triple Time, etc and redistribute your hours amongst your rates as you have done in the past.

We have done a data migration for you so you will by default still have your standard, overtime, and double time rate for your existing SKUs. Now you can expand upon those as needed. 

Estimated Costs
With every rate you add we needed to give you the ability to do estimated costs to correspond with these rates. This will make your estimates more accurate.

We currently have 3 types of Labor Buckets for you.
  • In-House - If we use one of our guys to fulfill the call
  • Contract - if there's a PO cut for this individual
  • Union - Not a house tech but paid through payroll
It is possible that these costs are all the same -- that's okay, just make sure you take the time that as rates are being added we are always including a cost. 

On the Sales Order, when you change the Labor type from In-House to Contract that will also impact the estimated costs for you behind the scenes continuing to drive you to more profitable shows as well as accurate commissions (for those lucky enough to get commission relief on that type of thing).

Adding a SKU to Your Price
We have gotten word that there are missing SKU's from your price list 

Updating Your Price List

1. Click on Add SKU to Version
2. You will see the below Pop-Up
3. Search for a SKU to find the one you are looking for
  • HINT: Retired SKUs have an Underscore (_) at the end of their names. We don't recommend pulling them into your price list
4. Select the SKU you would like to add
5. Add in your RATE and COST information if it's a labor SKU
  • Labor can have MULTIPLE rates. You can add as many rates as you like. If you're adding a new SKU to your price list you will need to add your over time and double time rates
  • Costs must be assigned per each rate
  • If you are charging an hourly rate be sure to change your measurement from daily to hourly
  • If we are re-syncing to the data migration you will need to use the exact rate name of "Standard" in order to complete the process
6. Once you are done configuring your SKU click save
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