Sourcing Gear with the New Equipment Entry Experience

You've read the Getting Started with Equipment Entry knowledge base article and now you're ready to dive in and start sourcing the gear. This knowledge base is geared towards Las Vegas venues, but if you or your region are interested in starting gear sharings this is the place to start.

Demo Video


Setting Up Preferred Transfer Venues
Before we start ordering gear from other venues, you need to ensure that there are inventories that you would like to search from. To get here you want to navigate to Venues > Preferred Inventory Sources

This page is set up so that you can source gear from a specific inventory. If 2 venues share an inventory (Like Aria and Vdara) then you will only display the inventory once.  

Transit Days are the number of days of padding on either side of the reservation. It is the time it takes gear to get to and from your venue. In Las Vegas, the warehouse defaults to 1 day and the other venues default to 2.  In other regions, those transit days may be changed. If you need an item sooner you can override transit days on the order (don't worry, we'll show you where).

Central Ops Only is an indicator put in specifically for regions that have centralized gear sharing. The idea is that the Central Procurement team are the only ones that can source gear from other venues. So these venues are available for them to source from. If the box is not checked then anyone can directly reserve gear out of that inventory.

Using Equipment Search & The Working Area

Everything is the same as what was detailed in Getting Started with Equipment Entry. However, now you can include additional inventories for pulling the information into the working area.


The Working Area

Sourcing Gear
The search is performed and the items are moved to the working area you will want to expand on the SKU you want to source.

In the above example, I want 100 Line Speakers (in no way is that overkill (¬‿¬) ). I typed in 100 and saw that I had 100 short. I expanded down to take a look at what was available in my preferred inventory (the warehouse) which has 56. At this point, I have a few options.
  • Reserve 56 from the Warehouse. This would reduce the shorts to 44 that would then have to be subrented.
  • Do not reserve anything from any available sources. This would mean all 100 K-Array speakers are to be subrented (this is what was previously called "Forcing Short" but we don't use that phrase anymore)
  • Had any been available in my inventory I would have had to decide how to distribute
What Are Those Dates?
Those are the default dates that we set up in the preferred inventory page above. This is just information for you. However, if you are in a rush or need an item right away, that is where you have the option to ignore transit days.

Give Me a Refresher on Shorts Please
What is the difference between actual shorts and estimated shorts?

Actual Shorts (RED):
  • The Room is in contract or reservation
  • Items have been saved to the room
  • If the gear is sourced from another venue -- they have approved the transfer
Estimated Shorts (GOLD):
  • Items are not added to the room yet
  • Items have not been approved to leave the source yet
  • Room is in Opportunity or Estimate
As you work through the order the availability of items will be updated based on where you are sourcing the gear or if there's a true reservation. 
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