Getting Started with Equipment Entry

It may seem daunting that we have designed to relaunch our equipment and order entry process. When we sat down a year ago to begin these conversations, we had to take a look at what problems we are trying to solve.  With Equipment Entry, we wanted to make it easy for Las Vegas users to source their gear from outside venues while also maintaining an intuitive experience even if you only ever source gear from your inventory.

In this article, we are covering the basics of V3 of Equipment entry. Please refer to the Sourcing Gear Knowledge Base article.

Demo Video


Navigating to the New Equipment Entry Experience
Getting to the New Equipment Entry experience is largely the same as getting to the previous "Edit Items" screen.
  1. Navigate to or create an order
  2. Click on a Room
  3. Look up at the top of the screen. Click on the new "Manage Equipment" button
The screen (as you now see) is divided up into 3 sections. A search, the working area, and what's in the room. We will go through these 3 sections below.

Performing a Search
The overall idea is that you are configuring all of your search settings BEFORE executing a search for SKUs. We will details these fields for you below. But Step 1 is making sure that all of your configurations are what you want as these will apply to every item you add to the working area and then to the room.

But what do all these fields mean?
  • A Do Not Fill: This is the same functionality that was there as "Omit Reservation."  You would select this if you are looking for gear that you need in a room but you do not need a source for (like if you're moving a printer from one room to another)
  • B Operational Add-On: This will add items as an "Operational Add-On" and it will set the items as non-billable. This means that you have the ability to hide items from the proposal and gives your ops team the ability to add items they need without impacting the sales order
  • C Room Dates: Not editable. This is informative to tell you about your the date range that you have in the room header
  • D Delivery Date to Pick Up Date: These are the dates you want to receive the gear on-site or in the room.  For most venues, this defaults to 0 days but you can adjust if you want to receive gear before (or even after) your event has begun
  • E Inventory Selection: Your selection will always default to all "Preferred Inventories"
  • F Hide Items with 0 Availability: This will limit your search so that you are only retrieving items in your working area that has at least 1 item available
  • G SKU Search: This is your regular SKU search. It looks through an SKU Name, Item Name, or Item Description
  • H Favorites: Click here to expand and see a list of your favorites
  • I Packages: Click Here to Expand and See a list of all favorites associated to your venues
For the purpose of this article, we will be demonstrating using defaults and searching for a "Kara."  But as you practice feel free to use any SKUs you would like. 

The Working Area
The working area (or middle section) of the screen is where you set in your quantities or select an inventory source (which, again, will be detailed out in This knowledge base article.

As you can see in the above screenshot -- we performed a search for a "Kara" which returns a number of SKUs related to the K-Array system.  You can go through and indicate quantities in that field. For most users, this is all you're going to do. You can see that there are an Estimated 10 short.

To add gear to the working area just select "Add." You do not need to save the room; Everything is automatically added.

Please Help Me Understand Shorts
What is the difference between actual shorts and estimated shorts?

Actual Shorts (RED):
  • The Room is in contract or reservation
  • Items have been saved to the room
  • If the gear is sourced from another venue--they have approved the transfer
Shorts To-Do (GOLD):
  • Items are not added to the room yet
  • Items have not been approved to leave the source yet
  • Room is in Opportunity or Estimate
  • Room is in Reservation and Contract and the transfer items are NOT approved yet
We will go into deeper detail about how to manage shorts in the other knowledge base article.

Editing Items After They've Been Added

After you add an item you can click on it from the Room List back to the working area. From there you can make any number of adjustments from the inventory source to the item description to the quantity needed.

You can also easily remove items from the room by clicking "Remove"

What's Next?
To return to the room simply click on the "Room Name" in the breadcrumbs at the top. 

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