Labor Shift Quantity & Copying Labor SKUs

A piece of feedback we received is "How do I indicate a quantity" when building my labor orders. And the answer is -- you don't.

We obviously realize this may seem bad at first glance, but what we're enabling is the clarity of each shift with an integration with the workforce scheduling systems we're moving to outside of Las Vegas (Workforce) and inside of Las Vegas (Shiftboard for now, Workforce soon).

Dealing with individual shifts allows us to connect the dots:

1) from the ORDER > 2) to the SCHEDULING (and give the scheduled name back to the order) > 3) to the TIMECLOCK/TIMESHEET > 4) and back to the ORDER for labor reconciliation.

Once that's in place, you can easily see where you've spent more or less time in actuals that you can account for on your sales order, and easily get approval from your customer with signature (for those that need that daily reconciliation step).

To help provide that shift-based view AND not overwhelm you with entering 100+ shifts individually, we made it REALLY simple to copy your labor SKUs for both within the same day and from one day to the next.

Demo Video


Copying SKUs to the Same Day
Let's say you are setting up your order so that you need 4 General Setup Techs and they all have the exact same call times

Follow these simple steps to get started.
  1. Add 1 of your set up techs and configure their hours, rates, and source
  2. Click on the Copy icon
  3. Type in the number of NEW copies you need. So if you needed 4, you've configured 1, and you're making 3 copies
  4. That's it! You now have 4 General Setup Techs on Day 1

It's that easy.

Copying SKUs to Additional Days
You've done great, and now you need to copy multiple SKUs for multiple days. So for example, you have your setup and strike days that match as well as the run of show days that are the same.

  1. Click on the checkbox next to the shifts you would like to copy (or select all shifts for that day)
  2. The "Copy-To" button will appear
  3. Click on it
  4. Select the Days you would like to copy those shifts to
  5. Click Copy
You've now selected all shifts and moved it to the next day. This makes it easy to configure your shifts, copy to get the correct quantity per day, and then copy the whole day as needed.

As you configure your labor SKUs -- It goes from smallest configuration > medium-ist configuration > largest configuration. 
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