Sourcing Gear from the PSAV Warehouses

We are now ready to begin the process of borrowing gear from our PSAV friends and family. This article will tell you how to dive and start requesting gear from the PSAV Warehouses if those warehouses are located within your market.

Broad Steps for Encore Properties
1. Have an order that is in CONTRACT and you're ready to start sourcing gear. 
2. The property should start by calling the local warehouse or venues to inquire if they have the gear. Make sure you include the following pieces of information:
  • What gear you need
  • How Many
  • Delivery Date and Pickup Date
3. The PSAV Warehouse director will validate availability
4. The PSAV Warehouse Director will make a reservation in their system.
5. Encore Venue to Cut a PO (More detailed instructions on the PO below) - but you don't need to give it to the PSAV Warehouse.
6. Once the show occurs close out the PO.

Cutting a PSAV Warehouse Purchase Order
Most of the process is going to be EXACTLY the same as what you have done in the past for a PO associated with a sales order.  There are some quirks so please pay careful attention below.


There is already a vendor in the system for PSAV. This is the only vendor you should use. You do not need to request additional vendors based on locality.

Select Gear:

Select items from the sales order as you would normally. You can either select from all items OR from Shorts. 

Unit Cost:

The Unit Cost is always  $0.00. When we are borrowing gear it is as if it were coming from one of our own venues.  There is no need to input a price. 

Do NOT Submit PO to PSAV:

There is no need to submit the PO to PSAV.  PSAV venues or warehouse  will ship the gear to us based on what they have in their system.

Closing POs with PSAV as A Vendor
Closing the PO is going to be largely the same as any other PO. The only difference is that instead of uploading the invoice you are going be uploading the Packing List. Input the invoice total as $0.00 and click received.

Q: When can I begin submitting requests to PSAV warehouses?
A: You can begin requesting equipment on January 20, 2020 or after your introduction meeting with the local Director of Warehouse Operations.

Q: Is there is cost associated with equipment secured from a PSAV Warehouse?
A: Encore venues will not incur any costs for local equipment from PSAV warehouses.

Q: How far out can I reserve equipment?
A: You may reserve equipment from the local warehouse at any time as long as the order is 100 percent confirmed and signed by the customer.

Q: Is there a cost for delivery or pickup?
A: There is no cost to Encore locations for local deliveries and pickups. In instances where transportation is not available, Encore locations would need to use one of their existing third-party transportation providers.

Q: What about warehouses outside of my local area?
A: Support at this time is only for Encore venues within the local service area of a PSAV warehouse. Cross-docking or direct shipments from warehouses outside their market will be coming later in 2020.

Q: Is there an inventory list for what is available in the warehouse?
A: The Director of Warehouse Operations or Regional Equipment Manager will be able to review local inventory during their introduction meeting with your teams.

Q: Will I be able to use PSAV’s repair services and is there a cost?
A: For warehouses that have repair services, Encore teams will be able to request repairs. The local Director of Warehouse Operations can provide instructions. The only cost to Encore locations would be the cost of parts (if needed). If the repair parts cost is higher than the value of the product, the product will be sent back to the venue for replacement or retirement.
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