Sales Order: Understanding Different Rates

At Encore, we have a number of different Rates that venues can use in order to bill our end users. We want to ensure that you have a firm understanding of HOW and WHEN these calculations happen. 

List of Rates

All venues have access to the following rates:
  • Daily
  • Each
And SOME Venues have access to these additional rates:
  • Weekly
  • Show 
Most of our venues should be charging items on a daily basis.

My Venue Uses "Weekly" and "Show" Rates but They're Not Available

To configure your venue to have these rates please reach out your DET or Regional to configure.

Steps To Configure:
  • Navigate to Your Venue
  • Click the Order Preferences Sub-Tab
  • Click Edit
  • Click on the checkbox to "Allow Weekly" and "Allow Show" Rates

Updating the Price List

Both weekly rates and show rates can actually be assigned at the price list level. So if you are contractually obligated to sell certain items on one of these rates, you can set it up once and have it be fixed for all sales orders in the future.
  • MGM properties are a great example of this, so if you rent “LED Par-E” at a weekly rate of $50 go ahead and update your price list to reflect that.
Updating your price list does NOT flow down to any orders that currently exist. 

Configuring Rates at the Order Level

So you have an order where the item was added as daily and now the pricing has changed to weekly? Or do you have an order where the client has negotiated a rate to be charged at the weekly level?

These changes can still be made at the order level by changing the rate box on the sales order.
  • In our above example of an “LED Par-E” it used to have a daily rate of $20 a day.  On the sales order, I am going to change it to “Weekly” and EOS will calculate this rate as 3x Daily Rate, so in this example, the item total would be $60.
  • IF my Price List has an Item set to "Weekly" and I want to change it to "Daily" EOS will not do that math for you. You will need to reconfigure how you see fit.

How Rates are Calculated

  •  Subtotal* 1
  • Charged on First Usage Day
  • Subtotal * Count of usage Days
  • Charged on Each Usage Day
  • Subtotal * (Usage Days/7)
  • Charged on the first of EACH 7 Usage Days
  • Subtotal* 1
  • Charged on First Usage Day
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