New Order Room Statuses: How to Bulk Edit and What the Statuses Mean

We are so excited to be able to merge the language of legacy Encore and Legacy EOS PSAV to help us communicate about our orders. This means we are bringing our Room Statuses together.  

What are the New Statuses?

Old EOS Statuses vs. New EOS Statuses
Opportunity             Removed (This will be managed in Compass and no longer need a special status)
Estimate                   Quote
Option                      Option
Reservation             Tentative
Contract                   Confirmed
Closed                      Ready to Invoice
Invoiced                   Invoiced

How Do I Bulk Edit Room Status?


Steps to Get There:
  1. Navigate to an order > Room List
  2. Click on the GOLD Status in the Order Header
  3. You can Now Bulk Edit your Room Status as Normal!
That's it! 
Creation date: 8/18/2020 4:32 PM      Updated: 8/18/2020 4:34 PM