Virtual & Hybrid Events - Product Launch

Encore Global is taking the game to the next level.



Virtual/Hybrid events represent a significant growth opportunity for our business moving forward. Successfully engaging our customers to capture these events is critical to our business strategy.

We are deploying a structured program in order to facilitate and reward team members who can successfully sell virtual events during this time period. All team members must follow this SOP closely to ensure proper identification, management, tracking, and incentive for virtual events.

This program applies to all in-venue sales team members and DETs.


Stand-Alone Virtual Events
Stand-alone virtual events will not be commissionable to our venue partners and must be direct-billed to the customer.

Eligible team members who receive signed acceptance of a stand-alone virtual event will be paid a 1% bonus on the signed value of the event at the time of booking – payable at the end of the month in which signed acceptance was received, regardless of execution dates.

In addition, revenue from a stand-alone Virtual Events will be included in the calculation of monthly/quarterly incentive plans for the month of execution. See examples in the FAQ.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events will be quoted, billed, and commissioned according to the standard venue agreement, except for virtual events components, which will not have commissions payable to venue partners.

This will be managed through our existing systems using specially created service types.

Sales commissions and eligibility on Hybrid events will remain according to the current Sales and Operations incentive plans.


Starting with this product launch, we’re beginning to align our setup and SOP across both Navigator and EOS, so the same SOP applies!


For a Stand-Alone Virtual Event (no equipment or services in use at the venue), the order is direct-billed to the customer, and should not show up on a hotel invoice.

1 - To do this, create an order in EOS, choose “Direct Bill”

2 - THEN choose the Commission Type of “Special”. You have to choose "Direct Bill" first, otherwise the "Special" Commission Type won't show up in the dropdown. 

3 - To calculate the tax correctly, set the “Order Address” as “Other”, and enter the “PSAV National Operations” address in Coppell, TX.

You'll be asked to choose a tax jurisdiction for this address. Choose the first option in the list.

For a Hybrid Event (some equipment or services in use at the venue), the order is master-billed to the hotel like normal, with the standard service type commission rates.

The virtual events products have been added to every A/V LOB contract in EOS at 0% commission. Taxes are calculated as normal for the venue as well, so leave the Order Address as “Venue”.

1 - To do this, create the order in EOS and keep the defaults of "Master Bill", "Standard" Commission and "Venue" as the Order Address. No other special setup is needed.


The rest of the setup is the same for Virtual and Hybrid events.

1 - Create a Room

2 - Click Manage Equipment

3 - In Item Settings, scroll down to Packages. Search for any of the global packages that have been created.

- Chime Live:
  • Essential, Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate
- Content1 Virtual – Symposium
- Content1 Virtual – Convention
- Webcasting – Quickcast
- Webcasting - Broadcast
- Managed Webinar Meeting
- Managed Webinar Conference 

4 - Click it to add it to your Working Area

5 - Be sure to click “As a Package” to add the package to your room

6 - Click the down arrow on the package to make sure it has all the products you’d expect inside

7 - Put a quantity of “1” and click Add on the package

8 - Go back to the room and verify the setup, generate the proposal and confirm the amounts, commission and taxes as normal.

If you want to add additional virtual products, use the keyword search or the category tree to find them under “Digital Services” and add them individually.

That's it!

You're now set to crush it as a virtual events expert, and help take our customers virtual with the latest meeting technology and easy-to-use packages to engage and inspire the future of meetings, conferences, shows and events!
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