Track your Revenue Sources with "Booking Type"

In order to tell if your book of business is growing, you need to specify the kind of booking for each order so you can tell where your business is coming from - new customers, repeat customers, COVID-19 cancels, etc.

When you create a new Event in EOS, you'll be required to enter the "Booking Type" on the Event before you can save. When you create a new Order for that Event, it will carry the Booking Type from the Event as the default.

If you create an Order from an Event that doesn't have a Booking Type already, it won't default to anything, and you'll need to select it on your Order specifically.

The new Booking Types are:

"New Booking"
If this is a new event or show for this customer that we haven't won before, use "New Booking."

If this is a repeat event or show for this customer that we've won and produced before, use "Repeat/Annual/Bi-Annual."

"In-Year/For-Year (IYFY)/Short Term."
 Description TBD

"COVID-19 Re-Booking"
 If this event or show is a re-booking of a previously canceled event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, use "COVID-19 Re-Booking."

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